About Us

Madha Institute of Engineering and Technology was established in the year of 2009 by Lion.Dr.S.Peter, Founder and Chairman of Madha group of Academic Institutions. Ln. Dr. S. Peter established two Christian minority trust in the name of his reversed father SoosaiyaPillai and mother LoordhuAmmal. Ln.Dr.S.Peter has been serving the society through these trusts by establishing 14 institutions and planned to establish many more institutions to come nearest future .His motto is to cater to the need of the hour “education to everyone”. 

Chairman Message

My ambition to create this Institution of eminence and excellence wherein aspiring students from the Chennai and around the city, rural and backward regions could have the best of engineering education at affordable costs. I am very happy to note that Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering students inaugurates the association “ELECTUMACE” with the motive of developing skills of the students of their department. I wish them all success.

Principal Message

 It is heartening to note that the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering students inaugurates their students’ association in the name of ELECTUMACE with the ambition of enriching the capability of the students of their department by conducting various programs. With whole hearted support of the Management, faculties and our Valuable students of ELECTUMACE, I am sure that this association would grow from strength to strength. We wish them all success.

About Electumace

inaugration The Department of Electronics and Communication engineering was established in 2009 under the eminent leadership of Mrs. Suvarnavani and her team of enthusiastic lecturers. The student association name for the department is ELECTUMACE and it was inaugurated on 07.01.2012. Our seniors had intelligently coined a new word ELECTUMACE which is a clipped words of electronics and communication (ELEC), a Latin word Coctum (TUM) which means “bounded together as a crew” and ace (ACE) which is of the meaning “expert in everything what we perform”.

The Department has been moving forward in achieving academic excellence with a strong commitment and dedicated approach, clearly setting up of a vision of its own with the help of our eminent HOD and Lecturers. The initiatives taken have already started yielding excellent results, in terms of developmental activities that keep us going in the path of excellence. The year 2013 gave us the biggest gift ever in the month of July who turned to become our Head of the Department (Mr.Mosses M.E.(Product Design Engineering)).

Our alumni who have gone on to distinguished careers as innovators in industry, living and working throughout the world, still have corporate and personal ties with the College through recruitment, mentoring, guest lectures, and other interactions.


To become a nationally and internationally leading institution of higher learning, building upon the culture and the values of universal science and contemporary education, and a center of research and education generating the knowledge and the technologies which lay the groundwork in shaping the future in the fields of electronics and communication engineering.


To provide education for those students who are able to compete internationally, able to produce creative solutions to the society’s needs, conscious to the universal moral values, adherent to the professional ethical code, and to generate and disseminate knowledge and technologies essential to the local and global needs in the field of electronics and communication engineering.


  • Our quality policy is to continuously strive for over-all development of the ece department and the students. Our policy is to provide best inputs to the students and to develop them to imbibe the spirit of professionalism, dedication & commitment.
  • To make it work for everybody in organization, the quality policy is implemented in ece departments as well as administrative block. When a person/student joins the organization he is made aware of the teachers every month & deviations from the parameters of the policy are identified. For Guest Lectures eminent personalities are invited to the college to enhance confidence, commitment & skills of the teachers/students.
  • Opening new avenues of success, leadership, achievement and career building with strong industry institution interaction.
  • Emphasizing an all round development of personality of students so as to prepare them to undertake bigger challenges and responsibilities as a successful professional.

 Strength of the Department

  • The infrastructure in the laboratory is as per norms. DSP Lab, VLSI Lab and ESD consist of systems with the highest configuration, connected with Internet.
  • Well Established Lab with total investment crossing Rs.1.7 cores.
  • Self-motivated, well-qualified and experienced teaching, non-teaching Faculty working as a team.
  • Well experienced Professors with an average Industrial Experience of 35 Years.
  • Continuous Institution Industry Interaction to help students to upgrade knowledge.

Department Library

The Department Library is fully equipped with recent technical books in number of titles and we have digital library containing IEEE journals, Tutors for various subjects.

  • Number of Titles: 100
  • Number of Volumes: 120
  • Number of Data books: 60
  • Number of Transparencies: 200
  • Number of CD’s: 50

Teaching & Learning 

The teaching methodology focuses on classroom lectures, guest lectures, assignments, projects, practical sessions, club activities and industrial visits.

The B.E. (ECE) program is of 8 semesters (4 year) duration. The examination is conducted by Anna University and evaluation is as per the norms of the University.

Performance for each course will be evaluated based on

  • Continuous internal assessment throughout the semester and
  • University exam at the end of the semester.


For all the theory and practical courses, other than project work, the continuous internal assessment will be 20 marks, while the university examination will carry 80 marks.


The Department has been moving forward in achieving academic excellence with a strong commitment and dedicated approach, by clearly setting up of a vision of its own. The initiatives taken have already started yielding excellent results, in terms of research funding and other developmental activities thus keeping us in the path of excellence.

The curriculum covers areas which find wide application in today’s industry such as:

  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • Control Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Medical Electronics
  • Computer Hardware and Interfacing
  • Transmission Lines and wave guides
  • Wireless networks
  • Radar and Navigational Aids
  • Computer Programming

  • VLSI Design
  • Optical Communication and networking
  • Microwave Engineering
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Television and Video Engineering
  • Digital Communication
  • Electromagnetic field
  • Computer Networks
  • Communication Theory
  • Computer Architecture
  • High Speed Networks

  • Communication Systems
  • Soft Computing
  • Telecommunication and Switching Systems
  • Mobile Communication
  • Satellite Communication
  • Signals and systems
  • Wireless communication
  • Antennas and Wave Propagation
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Data Structures and Object oriented programming in C++

Allied subjects such as Electrical Machines, Mathematics, and Management papers are also included.

Students undergo practical training in the following areas:

  • Engg. practices lab
  • Electrical machines
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Data structures and Object oriented programming in C++
  • Electronics circuits and simulation

  • Linear Integrated Circuit
  • Digital Electronics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller
  • Communication System

  • Computer Networks
  • Electronic system Design
  • VLSI
  • Optical & Microwave

Lab Facility

The ECE department has well experienced & qualified Faculties and seven well equipped and furnished laboratories. The laboratories are well equipped with modern training facilities that cater to the requirements of the University syllabus as well as to architect the learning experience. This Department plays a vital role in training students of other branches of engineering too.

Communication Systems Lab


  • Dual Trace CRO(30MHz)
  • Storage Oscilloscope (0-30MHz)
  • Function Generator(scientific)
  • AM kit
  • FM kit
  • PLL kit
  • QPSK kit
  • PSK kit
  • PCs.
Digital Signal Processing Lab


  • DSP Starter Kit (TMS 320C5416)
  • Standalone DSP with Built Power Supply
  • CODEC I/F 320C50/50H -OPT-01
  • Cross C Compiler for TMS 320C50
  • 302C50/50H – OPT – 02 Filter Design Package
  • Signal Processing Tool Box (software – 5 Licenses)
  • Control System Tool Box (Software – 5 Licenses)
  • ADSP 2181 DSP workstation with on board code and with limited C Compiler(Vikasha Electronics)
Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab


  • 8085 Microprocessor
  • Z-80 Microprocessor
  • 6089 Motorola
  • Z-86/88 Microprocessor
  • Traffic light interface
  • Traffic Light Controller Board
  • Accessories – 26 Core
  • Dual DAC with ADC X temp Measure & control
  • AD 590 Transducer
  • Water bath Controller
  • Universal Screw Termination Board
  • 8251 x 8253 interface board
  • 8259 simulator (006) board
  • 8259 simulator (007) board
  • 8255 simulator (008) board
  • DMA interface board
  • Stepper Motor Interface Card
  • Stepper Motor Controller
Microwave & Optical Communication Lab


  • Microwave Benches
  • Accessories for Kits
  • Oscilloscopes
  • OFT (Optical Fiber & Digital Communication Trainer)
  • FOPS101(850nm-Light Source)
  • DR system Microwave Trainer kit
  • Optical Power Source
  • Advanced fiber optic communication trainer
  • Laser Trainer kit
  • PIN Diode
  • LED Module

Devices Lab


  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope 30 MHz(EZ)
  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope 30 MHz(Philips & Scienctech)
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Soldering Iron
  • Dual Regulated Power Supply (0-30)V/1A
  • DC Power Supply (0-30)V
  • High Voltage Power Supply(0-300)V/100mA
  • Function Generator
  • AC voltmeter 896(0-15)
  • FET Voltmeter
  • Voltmeter (0-1)
  • Digital Panel meter (0-2)
  • Voltmeter (0-300)
  • V4 dial (1ohm to 9killoohm
  • 5 dial (1 ohm to 900killoohm)
VLSI Design Lab


  • XILINX ISE Foundation V6.3i VLSI software
  • Hard Ware: Xilinx Spartan II 100K Gate Density FPGA
  • XILINX FPGA Demo Board: Xilinx Spartan IIE FPGA development Kit
  • C Cross compiler of 8051/89C51
  • TMS320C5416 DSK with CCS
  • XILINX Spartan 500E Trainer kit(VVSM-06)
  • Universal embedded trainer kit
  • DSPIC-30F4011 Processor board
  • ARM Processor board
  • PCs
Computer Networks Lab


  • Cisco 1841 10/100 Base T Modular Router W/2 WAN SLOTS
  • 160 Flash / 32M DRAM
  • CAB – SS – V.35FC V.35 Cable DCE Female to Smart Serial 10 Feet
  • WS – C2950 – 24 port 10/100
  • Network Lab Rack
  • Network Cable Tester
  • Network crimping tool -nT001T(8p8c/6p6c)
  • G501 RJ45 Cable Cutter
  • PCs
  • PC – PC Cable 2464(VW – 1)
  • NETGEAR 54Mbps (802.11g) WG311v3 Wireless PCI adapter
  • CISCO Linksys wireless-G Access point (WI-FI Certified)
RF Lab


  • RF Communication System ATS-2002
  • Transmission Line Trainer and Analyzer
  • Modular RF Communication Training Lab
  • RF Signal Source
  • Ferrite Device & Component trainer kit
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • RF signal Detector
  • RF signal Source


We have a great team

The department has well experienced faculty and staff of proven ability and diverse specialization. The faculty are actively involved in research in the areas of Digital Communications, Antennas, Signal processing and high frequency communications, Fiber optic Communications, Instrumentation, VLSI and Microprocessors, Micro-Electronics, Electronic Devices, Digital Electronics, Telecommunication, Microwave Engineering, Neural Networks, Satellite Communication, Switching Systems, Computer Networks, etc, and attended enormous national and international conferences.

A. MossesHOD, M.E
Product Design Engineering

V. Suvarna VaniAssistant Professor, M. Tech
Communication Systems

S. KaviyarasuAssistant Professor, M.E
Communication Systems

Y. Nevis Stella MaryAssistant professor, M.E
Communication Systems

P. SuryaAssistant Professor, M.E
Applied Electronics

K. AnithaAssistant Professor, M.E
VLSI Design

S.GaneshAssistant Professor M.E
Power Electronics

Associate Staffs

Assistant Professor

K.Mani KandanM.E.
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor


Our associates are the talented students, striving for the success in their carriers and to crown the department in the college They have the ability to work together towards the common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards the association objectives. It is the fuel that allows common student to attain uncommon results. Our cluster of stars are pinged in the universe below






Name of the student


Name of the student


Name of the student


Name of the student


Abidabanu N.


Malalthi B.


AJITH KUMAR.P 211212106001 Aishwarya.S


Abinaya K.


Mir Kumail Ali


AKILA.V 211212106002 Anisha  .R


Arulmani V.


Prabhu B.


ANDERSON .S.V 211212106003 Anto win shalini.W


ArvindPavithran R.


Prathap D.


ELAVEINI .U 211212106004 Divya.S


Ashok kumar P.


Rajesh M.


FRANKLIN SIMON 211212106005 Jayashree.V


Avinash D.


Ramya R.


GOWTHAM .K 211212106006 Joseph.G.S


Baladevi K.


Revathy M.


HAJAR BENAZIR .M 211212106007 Kalaiselvan.R


Balamurugan J.


Santhoshkumar R.


HEMALATHA .R 211212106008 MohanaPriya.R


Barathkumar P.


Sharathkumar S.


ILAKKIEYAA .S.V. 211212106009 Nancy.M


Bharath Raja S.


Sriram K.


JAI MOHANRAJ .G 211212106010 NiranjanKumar.K


Bino A.


SyedJhafarulla M.R.


KAMALAKANNAN .M 211212106011 PremKumar.S


Devi C.A.


Uma Maheswari M.


KAVIARASAN 211212106012 RanjanaYadav.S




Venkadesan A.


LALITH KUMAR .H 211212106013 Sandhya.K


Dhanasree R.


Vidhya R.


LOGESH .P 211212106014 Santhakumar.M


Dhilipkumar V.


Vigneshkumar M.


RAMYA.S 21121210601 5 Selvarasu.s


Divya R.


Vijayalakshmi R.


REACHEL .R 211212106016 Sri Krishna.D


Geetha J.


Vijayalakshmi R.


SABARI .M 211212106017 Srimathi.M


Gnanasekaran R.


Vincent Vijayanand M.


SARAVANAN .P 211212106018 Stella.D


Govindaraj S.


Vinothkumar V.


SARAVANAN .S 211212106019 Sujitha.S


Isaivani J.


Yamini J.


SASUWATHI .S 211212106020 Sundar.S


Jonsi J.


Yazhini P.




Joshua Mathew Williams J.


Yoganandham M.




Kamalraj J.


Yuvaraj M.




Lavanya M.


Sobana . M




Makeshwar D.L.






Besides regular classes and lab sessions, the Electronics and Communication Association conducts technical symposium, workshops, seminars, industrial visits and also motivating the students in mini projects. Our talents students had won many prizes in both technical, non-technical event and in sports meets conducted by various colleges and universities. A few to list are

1st Prize

  • Second Year

    • Name: K.Sandhya
      Event: Essay writing
      Place: Madha Medical College
  • Third Year

    • Name: G.Jai Mohan Raj
      Event: Long Jump
      Place: Chengalpattu Medical College, Chennai
    • Name: Anderson S.V
      Event: PPT
      Place: New Prince Sri Bhavani Engg. College
    • Name: Anderson S.V
      Event: Technical quiz
      Place: Alpha Engg. College
    • Name: Anderson S.V
      Event: Ad-zap
      Place: Alpha Engg. College
  • Fourth Year

    • Name: P. Barathkumar, M. Yuvaraj, J. Kamal Raj, Mir kumail Ali, J. Joshua, S. Govind Raj, S. Bharath Raja, J. Balamurugan, D. L. Makeshwar, M. Vignesh Kumar, R. GnanaSekaran, R. ArvindPavithran, D. Avinash, DhanamjayaluBattu, V. Arul mani.
      Event: MIME
      Place: M.N.M Jain Engg. College & Saveetha Engg. College
    • Name: S. Sharath Kumar
      Event: PPT-Wireless transformation of Charges
      Place: Maamallan inst. Engg and Tech

2nd Prize

  • Third Year

    • Name: G. Jai Mohan Raj
      Event: 4×100 relay
      Place: Chengalpattu Medical College, Chennai
    • Name: G. Jai Mohan Raj
      Event: 100m
      Place: Chengalpattu Medical College, Chennai
    • Name: G. Jai Mohan Raj
      Event: Long Jump
      Place: Zonal meet, Anna University, CEG
    • Name: G. Jai Mohan Raj
      Event: 4X100 Relay
      Place: Zonal meet, Anna University, Chennai
  • Fourth Year

    • Name: R. Vijayalakshmi
      Event: Technical Quiz
      Place: TJS Engg College
    • Name: S. Sharath Kumar & K. Sriram
      Event: PPT-Intelligent Vehicle system
      Place: Arignar Anna College Of Engg.
    • Name: P. Barathkumar, D. L. Makeshwar, B. Dhanamjayalu & S. Bharath Raja
      Event: Project display- Sleep Apnea using Microcontroller
      Place: P. B. college of Engg.

2nd Prize Runner-up

  • Third Year

    • Name: G. Jai Mohan Raj
      Event: Cricket Tournament
      Place: Anna University, Chennai

3rd Prize

  • Third Year

    • Name: Y. Sudheer & Anderson S.V
      Event: Light Music
      Place: M.N.M Jain Engg. College
    • Name: Anderson S.V
      Event: PPT
      Place: S A Engg. College
  • Fourth Year

    • Name: R.Dhanasree & N. AbidaBanu
      Event: PPT- MicroController
      Place: Rrase College of Engg.

4th Prize

  • Third Year

    • Name: G. Jai Mohan Raj
      Event: Long Jump
      Long Jump Inter zone meet, Anna university, Trichy

Inplant Training

  • Year: IV
    Name: R. Vijayalakshmi
    Department: Telecommunication Hardware and Networking
    Firm: ICF- Chennai & HCL- Chennai

  • Year: IV
    Name: B. Malathi, Jonsi. J, Devi C.A, Bala Devi .K, R. Dhanasree
    Department: Broadcasting, Transmission and GSM
    Firm: BSNL- Tambaram

  • Year: IV
    Name: M. Lavanya
    Department: Power Generation
    Firm: Madras Atomic Power Station

  • Year: IV
    Name: P. Barathkumar, K. Sriram & S. Sharath Kumar
    Department: Broadcasting, Transmission and GSM
    Firm: BSNL- Tambaram

  • Year: IV
    Name: Devi C. A & J. Jonsi
    Department: Microcontroller in servo motor and drives


National Conference on Magus info electro tech – 14 (MIET-14)

About conference

The Conference hustles and offers to design the “Magus Info Electro Tech – 14”. The contemplate of the conference is to fetch the Researches, Practicing Engineers, Academic Staff and Students together to discuss about the technological advancements.

Call for papers:

The authors are invited to submit papers for the National Level Conference on “Magus Info Electro Tech – 14″ covers all aspects under the following topics but not limited to:

  • Wireless Communication
  • Satellite Communication
  • Optical Communication
  • VLSI
  • Embedded Systems
  • Signal / Image Processing
  • MEMS
  • Mechatronics
  • Nano technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Network
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Bio Medical Instrumentation
  • Robotics

Authors are requested to submit the softcopy of the abstract not later than 07th March 2014 through the mail miet.04.04.14@gmail.com


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